Now You Can

Consume Entertainment In Convenience

Flexibility & Mobility

You can consume SV from smartphone, tablet , laptop and from your TV set.

Also from your kitchen , lounge , bathroom , study room, office , boardroom, restaurant

Also from outdoors , whilst fishing , golfing , watching some sport in stadium ,

And also whilst traveling in a car , bus , boat , and train

Personalize Your Entertainment

SV gives consumers complete freedom to prepare , package and manage their own choice content. How is that? With our smart basket you can package your choice programs and watch only what you want to watch. Now you can watch home & entertainment content that suites you not them. We ensure that our audience consumes the exact content that suits them so they are not faced with undesired thousands of  entertainment shows and more-so repeats they don’t

care about.  This gives consumers  psychological  independence from imposed TV just as much it grants consumers media & entertainment  financial liberty.

Get Rid Of Junk TV

Entertainment media's has the ability to transmit cultural values and norms, including harmful stereotypes as well as uplifting values. You no longer  expose yourself and family to  content you do not want .Junk TV era belongs to the trash. Now you can consume leisure & entertainment  knowing that your family is secure from content you consider unsuitable and inappropriate

Consume  Entertainment On Demand

With SV.Now you are guaranteed not to miss out on any of your favorite show, movie , sport or news. Smart demand is our entertainment on demand service that allows consumers to either catch up with their favorite program (already aired) on demand anytime or view some programs  well ahead of the scheduled traditional TV programming. We are not a catch-up service provider but on demand service. That’s being smart for real.

Select your Programs from A myriad of choice entertainment

SV offers unlimited content . Thousands of  video content , movies ,series, soaps ,musical , etc  available on demand. Both live and from the library. Consumers can watch content that has already been aired by other standard TV service providers on demand . SV simply FREENG you from the “curse of being

 bonded to a particular channel.”

Control & Manage Your Entertainment  Costs

Financial Independence

SV is consumer oriented. Our inspired smart window  is designed to ensure that the audience, who is the most important person, satisfaction is not compromised. Our delivery policy ,  With SV, you can only pay when you are really certain that you want to consume that program.

Consume Value Added Entertainment

With SV, all is categorized according to the value of each individual program at any given period. SV smartEntertainment is value is enshrined on choice,

demand and popularity.

Free Yourself From Connectivity Stress

No monthly bills

No hidden contracts

No Licenses

No disconnections or suspensions

No statements.

No cables

No Antena

No decoder

No Dish

Its just your smart phone, Tablet , Laptop , TV and internet access.

Free Yourself  From “the CURSE” Of Bonded TV Habits

Customization of choice programs and our smart demand simply mean that viewers will no longer be controlled by service providers to watch specific shows at a specific times. SV, breaking the curse of controlled , imposed TV Habits.

Consume Your Entertainment From Multiple Options

As with public TV receivers , computer  or  smart monitor which can be accessible to many or different persons , or when people share lodgings , each user may access smart window using their own accounts hence you have absolute control over your  entertainment costs in relationship to how you consume your leisure and entertainment content. Any smart connection can open and close their smart session from anywhere at will.

Enjoy Compact Connectivity

The same telephone service can be used for multiple services viz voice call, smart window services and other internet by products such as emails,

social networking etc.

Consume Your Entertainment Whilst You are Complete social

Consumers can also switch to online social networks whilst watching their favorite programs. SV allows consumers to activate a separate window on the screen to interact with the social communities , be it Facebook or Twitter . Our social integration simply means that consumes should not subside into a passive mode of media consumption without interacting with each other.