Smart Advertising

smart Advertising is designed to specifically target individual consumers , the correct consumer group , tastes with a much lower price tag . This emerging smart world advertising is mobile inspired and on-line video is now eclipsing the old traditional TV.     

smart Advertising gives brands a whole new vibrant potential to reach correctly anticipated audience with assurance of knowing that their audience is exposed to the advert and will receive it.  As much as smart ad is targeting ad , it also has an added advantage of securing  all viewers of the advert will buy it. smart ad is online as much as it is mobile.

smart devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and smart TV’s (LCDs) are the primary tools to access  communication for the smart generation in the emerging smart world , hence smart ad package is designed and modeled to ensure maximum utilization and effectiveness.

Target  Audience

smart ad is not limited to the smart window viewers only but cut across all online population meaning that the target recipients are other satellite and cable TV viewers all over the world . It consumes traditional television ,radio , social , e-gaming and web audiences. SVCV advertising has a potential to reach out to millions of viewers worldwide.

smart Ad Models

Mainline Ad

These are adverts that appear the moment one switches to SVCV . These adverts play alongside the minimized SV window as viewers compile and selects  options for their viewing .Each time viewers minimize SVCV window to access menu options adverts will be playing. SV can be customized to suite regional demographics. Implication?  Whoever will be watching SVCV will be exposed to your advert irrespective of the window one is watching from. Smart advertising combines both e-commerce (audience that visits a site to conduct a business, buy or sell a product) and content audience (audience that crate or collect content for audience to see) hence it has a more audience potential outreach than any other forms of advertising available.

Paused Ad  

These are scheduled  ads that are triggered to play once the show on view has been paused.

Show Ad

These adverts are programmed to appear periodically at the bottom of the screen during any video / entertainment show is playing . The main advantage of this smart advert is that it appears during the show and the viewer has no other option but to watch the ad.  They cant block or skip its appearance neither can they minimize it.

Smart advertising gives companies (advertisers) more potential to directly target their audience since advertisers are already familiar with the shows on view and they know exactly what type of adverts to schedule. Advertisers know who is watching and how they can reach them. Audience can tag an ad which would have captured their attention. Once tagged the advert shall be deposited in the audience’s “favorites” box and shall be automatically programmed to play randomly and time when the viewer pauses any show on view. Smart ad leads in promoting adoption of new targeting and filtering technologies as well as availability of better analytical tools .

smartStore ad

smartStore is a dedicated advertising service which also runs video & audio advertising . The beauty of smartStore is that viewers can actually enquire for a particular product or service on demand. Viewers may also conduct their online shopping on with smartStore

Audience Tracking

Advertisers do not have to worry anymore about when their advert will be flighted, the audience , who will be watching It , exorbitant cost of TV advertising when you have no idea of the effectiveness of the advert. SV brings flow-less advertising guaranteed to reach-out to hundreds of millions at the most affordable terms. More-so , with SVCV, advertisers can track not only potential audience but actual audience , the market outreach hits min by min. This will indicate all audience who were exposed to a particular advert at the time it was flighted. As much as advertisers can track the actual audience for their ad ,they will also have quantifiable data to reference at any given time on demand.

 Advertisers will also track all audience who would have been exposed to their ad and also monitor on those viewers on “favorites” audience list, whom they can pursue with personalized targeted marketing such as promotions. Since SVCV is a global service for the entire virtual world, the internet world, advertisers can strategically schedule their adverts  for a specific region or market group based on the viewer statistics trend. Advertisers have access to front end statistics of the ads as well. Please note there is no measurement for old  traditional TV advertising at granular level.

African Audience

smartVision cloudVision (SVCV) is Pan African . Its Africa and the rest of the world . smart Advertising is customized to suite all potential African viewership audience in relationship to the continent time zones. Unlike other continents , Africa time zones are  separated by only 3hrs ,from West Africa to East Africa. Prime time viewing is that time when most of the audience are deemed to be consuming their leisure time. Prime time is generally considered as the apex of advertising business. The idea of “prime time” is somewhat dead. smart advertising adopted smart priority. Smart priority time is designed to include all potential African viewership during priority Zone. Priority zones combines the old traditional prime time with fringe time . SVCV segmented 3 special hours to form priority time . This Priority  time then replicates the priority zone. This will ensure that advertising content shown during the priority period will reach out to all potential African potential viewership in the smart Priority Zone , African region.

This makes smart ad the most effective media to reach out the entire potential African viewership audience . An advert slotted during the priority  time has a high probability of reaching the entire potential African viewing audience because our priority time is strategically fixed for the whole region.

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