About US

smartVision cloudVision , is a Social & Leisure  Entertainment Hub for new generation in a technology inspired new world order. A virtual entertainment joint for a smartman in the smartworld. SV distributes passive and active entertainment  both  visual & audio . In short we represent the arrival of the Next Generation media and entertainment culture, smart culture .smartVision is Pan African . smartVision is seamless and band-less as we consume all leisure and social content currently provided by TV and Radio service providers, Cinematic and other social platforms .

Our Vision

smartEntertainment. Customize-able, Personalize-able & Manage-able leisure experience for everyone

Our Mission

To provide a myriad of choice entertainment in consumer convenience

Core Value

Ensure complete social & leisure entertainment  independence as we  break barriers in the system  entertainment content is consumed .SV brings to life an inspired culture of media & entertainment liberty.